Friday, October 5, 2012

Two Months

Haylie Jean is two months! 

The best part of the second month with our baby girl has been her sweet smiles.  Right before 5 weeks, we started to see this happy face:


Haylie loves laying on the kitchen floor on a blanket, looking at the ceiling fan, while big brother runs around wild.  Little sister is a great eater and a terrific sleeper.  She fusses quite a bit in the evenings, but then sleeps from 8p - 4:30a, eats, and then sleeps until about 7am.  She weighs 10lbs 6oz, is 22.75 inches tall, and has a typical larger-than-average "Shaw" head like all of her aunties, uncle, and cousins - 15.5 inches.
Our sweet girl loves to snuggle and enjoys it when we talk to her.  She smiles, and talks back with little sounds - we can't get enough! Charlie has been having fun with his little sister too.  The other day I saw him shaking her hand and saying, "Congratulations!"  Ha! Although sometimes I'm pretty sure they conspire to just take turns freaking out, life with two kids is starting to feel more normal for me. We've been enjoying trips to park, walks through the neighborhood, and playing in the yard while the weather is still nice.

This is one of my favorite dresses... I'm hoping we can do a long sleeve onesie and tights with it so that it can last through the fall! 

And, finally a little happy mommy memory of Charlie at 2 months (I couldn't pick just one picture). I think they look a lot alike!