Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Month Old!

Haylie Jean is one month old!  Its been a busy busy with two kids that little miss Haylie has not made a blog appearance yet.  She is already growing and changing so much I can hardly believe it.  Here's a little picture review of Haylie Jean's first month...

One of the first pictures we took just a couple minutes after birth

A few hours later, swaddled and happy
One day old and ready to go home
2 days old

4 days old
1 week
3 weeks (I couldn't find any 2 week pictures - kind of sad...I guess it was an extra busy week?)
At the park with the family
3 1/2 weeks

One month! We've been walking in the evenings together.
And here is what she is doing right now while I type this. Rob took this picture on his phone so the quality isn't great, but she's so squishy and sweet sleeping next to me that I had to share it!

Haylie has done quite a bit more than her brother did during his first month (mommy is less paranoid and has an almost 3 year old who cannot be contained in the house all week).  We go for walks and go to the park almost every day.  We took our first family outing when she was 4 days old - we went to her check up and then lunch at the local airport so Charlie could watch the planes.  When Haylie was one week old we were able to visit her new friend, baby Eli, at the hospital the day after he was born. She loves riding in the ergo carrier while Charlie sits in the cart at the grocery store. Pretty soon she will ask for a balloon, a cookie, and two penny horse rides like her brother (I don't remember what it is like to just "run in and grab something") but for now she just snuggles in the carrier. All the sweet old ladies at the store like to peek in the carrier to see her.  We've spent some days playing with friends which has been great for Charlie, and also nice for me to have time to regain my sanity and chat with friends.  Haylie's baby dedication was last Sunday at our church.  It was such a special day, but we managed to somehow take no pictures! 
The last month has been a little overwhelming (and honestly just really hard at times) as we adjust to life with two kids, but each week has gotten a bit easier and we are starting to get the hang of our new normal.  We are so blessed by our baby girl and honored that we have been entrusted with this tiny person to care for.
What has big brother been up to this month?  Oh boy, that is a whole other blog post!

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