Sunday, July 1, 2012

Time flies when you don't update your blog...

I had to laugh that my last post was in November, and holiday related, since it is now July!   We found out in mid-November that we were expecting, and then I spent the next 4 months trying to survive some pretty awful morning sickness.  Needless to say, blogging took a backseat (so did cleaning, eating, and getting up off the couch).  I'm pretty sure I fed Charlie a bowl of cheese puffs for breakfast in front of the TV several days of the week during that time. Don't worry, they were "natural" cheese puffs from Sprouts so I'm sure they provided a lot of great nutrition.

Fast forward a few months and now are expecting our baby girl in less than 4 weeks and I can hardly believe it!    We are thrilled to meet her, but I'm a little anxious about caring for two kids and even more anxious about labor (I've had lots of flashbacks to the 21long difficult hours of labor with child #1).

I'm still painting a bit -- I have just a handful of custom orders to finish up in the next week or so before things slow down for a couple months.  I debated putting the Etsy shop "on vacation" for a while but ended up just scaling back quite a bit on my listings.   Basically, I am taking a break from custom orders until probably the beginning of September and only listing items that I have already painted and are ready to ship. 

I have been painting a few garden inspired pieces that are available in the's actually kind of a refreshing change to be able to create pieces from scratch, with no deadline, from the ideas swirling around in my head instead of the same made-to-order paintings in the shop (don't get me wrong - I am absolutely grateful for those too).  Recently I have been drawn to designs that are simple, but pretty with some unique texture...


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