Thursday, July 12, 2012

Playroom Project #1

When you walk in our tri-level house, there is a sort of "entry room."  Its not very big, and we've never been sure what to do with it or even what too call it (that room up there, the upstairs room, the bookshelf room, the room by the door). I think most people make this some sort of formal sitting room type thing; but, if you have ever spent 5 minutes with our family you know we don't do many formal things, and not really much sitting these days thanks to Charlie James.

So, we have made this room more of a kids' playroom.  I have visions of all sorts of creative projects to make it really fun for our kids and finally completed one of them a couple days ago during nap time.

We used to have a boring row of hooks behind the front door for coats and purses (I forgot the "before" picture, but I'm sure you can imagine a boring row of hooks) we have a tree that I painted! I asked Rob a while back, "Um, should I ask you before I do projects and paint on our walls?" My nice husband said no need to ask! Good thing he likes the results most of the time.

The fabulous thing about this tree is that it is really our new coat / purse rack! I stuck hooks all over it (still need to get more) at random heights so that we can hang our belongings all over the tree.

The best part (and really the reason for this playroom project in the first place) is that our kids can use the lower branches to hang their own hats and coats. I love seeing self-sufficiency in Charlie, and I think he is very proud of himself when he can accomplish things on his own. At the same time I can still put my purse high enough so that a certain little boy can't snag my cherry tic-tacs :)  He's quite self sufficient when it comes to candy or using sharp tools, not so much when it comes to using the potty or sleeping.

I also re-painted the inside of our front and back doors... didn't realize how filthy they had become until I rolled on that bright white paint.  What a difference! I should have taken "before" and "after" pictures, but honestly I may have been too embarrassed to post them.

I guess this is what happens when I scale back on Etsy orders -- I start painting whatever I can find around our home.

Playroom project #2 is already underway... hopefully pictures will be coming soon!


  1. Amie, I LOVE this! What a great idea. I think you need to come visit me and do this in my entry way. Could you paint the tree on a door?!? I know you will be "tied up" for a while, but we should talk when you are feeling up to it. :-)

  2. I love how the tree looks like it's blooming a purse and little hat -- fabulous idea, and well done! I bragged on you today at the church office - a salesman came in and was so friendly and interested in the church, I gave him a tour. I told him/showed him your painting talent and mentioned your facebook page.

  3. Thanks for talking me up Rebecca! I still have some more painting work to do for the church.. just a little too large and uncomfortable to do it now :)

    Johnnie, I'd love to paint this for you. I think a door would work fine (especially with less texture than a wall) as long as you don't mind putting hooks in a door. I have to say though... we don't often make it to Texas.

  4. THis is so cute! I wondered what you were planning when everything was off your walls last week. Can you share some of your creativity around to the rest of us?