Monday, July 9, 2012

Murray Designs 2011 Summary

Way back in December I put together a little spreadsheet to summarize my very first full year in "business" with Murray Designs.  Then, I was going to add it to my blog...7 months ago, ha!  Somehow the last 7 months feel like they disappeared into a black hole.  Did I mention my drivers license expired in December and the cashier at Babies R' Us had to be the one to tell me about it last week?

So, maybe it is ridiculous to recap 2011 in July, but here it goes...

I received my first Etsy sale on January 9.  Ironically, the family who bought the two aspen tree paintings lived about a mile from our house in Broomfield so we delivered them personally. 

Since then I have learned more than I ever expected about shipping -- when to ship USPS, when to go with Fed Ex, where to buy 3/4" bubble wrap in bulk.   My biggest lesson learned in shipping-- dimensional weight is a big deal!  If the box is way to big for the paintings, you will pay for it, even if the box was free.  Buy the right size box (and now I know exactly where to order them in bulk). 

  • Total orders in 2011: 98
  • Total Canvases painted (or "canvi" as Rob calls them) in 2011: 181
  • Of those 181 canvi, I made 7 aspen tree paintings, 12 monkey paintings, 14 ladybug paintings, 15 guitars, 15 planes & trains, 20 jungle critter paintings, and the big winner...
  • 48 Birds and Trees!

A few months into the year I made some nursery letters for a sweet friend's son...

which turned out to be a great decision because I painted 120 more nursery letters throughout the year!

The biggest piece I painted was 36x48" and the smallest was 8x10"

The most orders were placed during May and July... the least in April, June, and December.  I'm not sure there is any rhyme or reason to that.  Its definitely not due to any advertising on my part, since I don't do any.  

Overall, 2011 was a wonderful first year in business.  I was far more blessed than I ever expected and met some really neat people through my Etsy shop.  More than anything, I feel honored that a hundred families chose to have my art in their home, and privileged that this has allowed me to stay at home with my sweet little boy while helping our family income a bit.

Hopefully I will be able to tell you all about 2012 before July 2013 (but I make no promises)!


  1. Its no shock to me that your business did so good! You're great and apparently everybody knows how good your talent is. Sounds like a fabulous first year for Murray Designs! I can't believe you did so many orders in only one year!! When did you have time for anything else?

  2. I loved this post. Very cool. Congratulations Amie!