Monday, July 16, 2012

Almost a Big Brother

With our baby girl's due date just 12 days away, I have been thinking a lot about my time with Charlie James.  I am thrilled to meet our new baby, but also a little bit sad that my time with just Charlie is coming to a close.  We do so much together, and life with just one kid has become easy.  I know how my little buddy works, and he knows how to make mommy laugh (and how to push my buttons). 

Charlie is a typical boy... he loves looking for bugs, riding his bike, being loud, making a mess, and playing "tacky" (tackle).  I'm not sure I would call him a "compliant" child, but he's typically pretty funny and easy going... until he doesn't get what he wants. 

He also loves anything that is a tool, including kitchen utensils.  I am pretty sure we make a mistake by laughing the first time he did this, but now he thinks its hilarious to chase us around the house and pinch our legs with the salad tongs. 

One thing that has been so much fun this summer is swimming.   Since it is one of my favorite things to do, I was so happy when we went to the pool this summer and I realized I had a little fish.  He's done a great job learning to kick his feet, blow bubbles, and jump off the side of the pool.  

This summer I took him to a class at My Gym.   Charlie is a shy kid and tends to cling to us when he feels uncomfortable, just ask anyone who works in our church nursery!  He definitely isn't ready for preschool, but I wanted to start helping him get used to structured activities with a teacher and classmates.   When a friend suggested this class, it seemed like the perfect opportunity (plus we got to hang out with some of our favorite friends each week).   I am so happy we did it!  While each week certainly wasn't perfect, I definitely saw growth in Charlie from week to week.  The first week I left exhausted -- I basically held Charlie the whole time (and was 8 months pregnant), while he watched the other kids but didn't participate much.   He's still a little shy during certain parts of the class (like structured circle time), but has tried a lot of the activities, follows the teacher's instructions (sometimes) and gets excited about going to gymnastics.   I would love to hear techniques of other parents with shy kids, but I have found it challenging to balance allowing him to opt out of activities when he feels shy/ scared verses encouraging him to be a little more independent and not completely babying him.  Its not easy, but this gym class has been a very positive experience for us!

Charlie's new favorite spot in the house is our window seat.  The window is the perfect place for his cars, trucks, and trains.   It is so funny to hear him talk to his cars... they shout things to each other like, "I WANT TO WACE (race) YOU!!!" and even offer motherly advice to one another like, "Don't go in the street," or "Don't touch a bee, you get ouchie."   Ha!  At least he is paying attention.

 (Did I mention his obsession with Lightning McQueen and the movie Cars?)

Charlie has definitely made a shift from mommy to daddy in the last few months.  He adores his dad and wants to do everything that daddy does... wash the car, play Xbox, fix things with tools, mow the lawn.  Each day when it is time for dad to come home from work, we open a front window and Charlie watches for daddy's car.  When he pulls onto the street, Charlie SCREAMS as loud as he can... "DADDYYYYYY, DADDY, HIIIIII, THERE HE IS, DAD CAR!!!!" Its a pretty loud scene.  Sorry neighbors.  It makes my heart so happy to see him adore his daddy so much. 

Having this little boy has brought me so much joy for the last two years! There is so much more I could say about him. I imagine the next few months will present some new challenges with sister's arrival, but I am also confident that he will be a wonderful big brother.


  1. Wow! No post for months then 3 posts in a week?? Impressive! Love that little Charlie boy! Good update on your little family. Big changes coming soon!

    1. I know, I always think of things I want to add to the blog and then run out time in the day... I think taking a little painting break has caused my to do things that have been pushed aside, like blogging and mopping my floors :)