Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fishing Birthday

This post is a little overdue...about a month overdue actually. oops. I wanted to share some pictures from the little man's second birthday.  Charlie James bring us so much joy and this year seemed like an extra special celebration of his life after a really sad month

We had a fishing birthday party!  I ordered the invitation from Lily Pad Boutique on Etsy, which was super easy and they turned out really terrific.  Basically they did all the design work, sent me the JPEG, and all I had to do was print.

Nana made a fishing cake, but I'm not sure Charlie knew what he was supposed to do when it was time to blow out his two candles.  We had some other fishy snacks like goldfish and gummy worms. 

The two things that never fail to make this boy happy are:
1. an ice cream cone (but don't try to take it away)
2. Any type of ball (or balloon) 

Especially when there is a bat involved...

We even had a "fishing hole" for the little ones... it was just a swimming pool, plastic fish, and some nets. But, it was a hit!

It was such a fun day with new friends, and old friends that we don't get to see often.  I wish I had gotten a picture of all of Charlie's little friends together.

I don't think that Charlie really knew it was his birthday, or that the party was for him...but he had so much fun and was really sad when everyone left.  Surprising for our normally shy kid!

The next day was Charlie's real birthday, so of course he needed another ice cream cone!

Happy birthday Charlie James! You are a blessing to your mom and dad.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fun Feature by a Fellow Mommy Painter...

What a fun treat to be featured on the Paint-Me-A-Picture blog today!

I am a big fan of Lindsay and her amazing artwork.  I adore her "state love" paintings...absolutely worth paying a visit to her blog/ Etsy shop.