Thursday, June 16, 2011


I wantto share alittle secret with you. The spacebaron our computer is terrible.Sometimes it works, sometimesit doesn't. See?I usuallyspendseveral minutes after typingan email or blog going backto add the spaces where the spacebar failed. Well, thistime I'm not doing it.  You getthe privilege of seeing first hand what it is liketo type on the Murray computer.I'm sure keyboards aren't very expensiveand it would save us a lotof frustration to justgo buy a newone.  Myhusband typed an 80+page thesis on this ridiculous thing so Iguess I shouldn'tcomplain too muchabout anemail orblog post. Italso seems liek the fasterI type the less spacesI actually receivefrom the spacebar.  Annoyedyet?

Andnow for a picture of a sillylittle boy whopiled up all his animals, wrapped himself in blanket,sat on the animals,and proceededto eathis snackies.  Its a littleblurry because I hadto getitfast...
This kid cracks meup!

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