Thursday, June 16, 2011


I wantto share alittle secret with you. The spacebaron our computer is terrible.Sometimes it works, sometimesit doesn't. See?I usuallyspendseveral minutes after typingan email or blog going backto add the spaces where the spacebar failed. Well, thistime I'm not doing it.  You getthe privilege of seeing first hand what it is liketo type on the Murray computer.I'm sure keyboards aren't very expensiveand it would save us a lotof frustration to justgo buy a newone.  Myhusband typed an 80+page thesis on this ridiculous thing so Iguess I shouldn'tcomplain too muchabout anemail orblog post. Italso seems liek the fasterI type the less spacesI actually receivefrom the spacebar.  Annoyedyet?

Andnow for a picture of a sillylittle boy whopiled up all his animals, wrapped himself in blanket,sat on the animals,and proceededto eathis snackies.  Its a littleblurry because I hadto getitfast...
This kid cracks meup!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birds & Trees and Trees & Birds

Want to know what moms like for their little ones' rooms?  Three words: BIRDS AND TREES!

I need to start this post by saying how grateful I am for every single bird, tree, branch, leaf, flower and owl I have painted.  I'm pretty sure the birds and trees of the world are responsible for keeping me in business and I will gladly paint 1000 more to be able to stay home with my little boy.

Join me on a tour of the birds and trees that have come through my studio art corner in the spare room in the last six months...

It started with these 20x20 Happy Birds that I painted for my sister's nursery:

Then there was this group of four 12x12 canvases that coordinates with popular Pottery Barn bedding:

Next was 4 Happy Bird Canvases instead of 3:

3 Birds and Owls instead of 4:

In January, I had about 15 canvases full of birds and trees in the art corner...

This sweet little bird was part of a larger painting:

A couple fun purple canvases:

This is just a tiny piece of a painting that I am so excited about but can't reveal yet:

A Happy Birds set of 3 with a mocha bird instead of blue:

Then the Happy Birds got a lovely pink makeover in a set of 3:

I even did a set of two for a baby boy that I really love (no pink in these!)

Just a few birds hanging out in a tree:

Happy Birds on a darker green background:

And recently, some really fun tangreine and lime birds that I can't completely reveal yet... but here's a tiny piece of the set:

I think the grand total is somewhere around FORTY canvases full of happy little birds sitting in their trees.  If you would have asked me in the fall if I would be painting 40 birds in the next 6 months I would have laughed.  I am truly amazing and honored every single time someone finds my shop in the big big world of Etsy!

When I was 10 I had a little white pet bird named Ruby.  I used to sit in my room and practice drawing her... wish I could find the drawings. I guess some things never change!