Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scribble Scrabble, Uganda, and Jalapenos

This week, little C found a piece of carboard and worked on this masterpiece each day, all on his own:

He was very serious about his scribble scrabble.  The black crayon even broke a little.

Painting with Purpose
I have been meaning to share this bit of info for a couple weeks.  One exciting thing about the new crafty Etsy business is that the little bit of extra income allows our family to give more.  We have a number of people in our lives who advocate for some really important causes (that are typically very close to their families).  We always wish we had more to give and are hopeful that the Etsy business can make that a reality.

So, for the first quarter of 2011 we were able to give a portion of the crafty profit to an incredible organization- Africa Children's Mission- on behalf of a great family!!! Let me tell you 3 things about my college friend, Joy:
1. She's hilarious. You have no idea until you ride on a leaky bus through Greece with her for a week.   
2. She also has a little C who is almost the exact same age as mine.
3. Her family has an incredible heart for Uganda (her husband is even from there)-- and they are literally selling all their stuff (house included) to move there.  This family is the real deal.

Bloggy people, Joy's Uganda Blog is one to add to your Reader.  I think about her family a lot and I admire their vision and passion (which is explained SO much better in her blog than I can write here). 

How's the Murray Garden?
Glad you asked! We've got some new sprouts since last week. We are proud to annouce several new jalapeno babies this week:

Five spaghetti squashes still growing strong:

and 12 crazy zucchini plants that need bigger pots really soon:

Tomorrow you will get to hear the big Easter egg dying update.  "Natural" egg dying happened in the Murray yard this afternoon...wait til you see the results :)

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