Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Special Day


Saturday was a special day. Not only did my little man turn 18 months, but it is the one year anniversary of my last day at work (and Charlie's last day of work since he came along with me).

Little 6 month Bubby one year ago

My stay-at-home anniversary has led me to some reflecting.  I loved my old job, but things there were very timely, structured, and quite complex.  I have always been an "achiever" from my earliest memories -- school, work, whatever -- there was always another thing to achieve.  Kind of a stressful way to live sometimes.
This year has been a refreshing time to slow down, decompress, and spend time on the things I enjoy.  I feel much more like myself.

The first month of my stay-at-home life I sat in my yard and read books and magazines, most with no relevance whatsoever (embarrassingly the entire Twilight series and the final Harry Potter book-- phew, felt good to get that off my chest).  It was terrific. 

Many days go by without any appointments and obligations.  I am rarely on time anywhere.  It takes my wobbling toddler 25 minutes to walk part of our regular route that used to take 3 minutes because it is VERY important for him to say hi to every dog, touch every tree, and climb on every rock along the way. I don't even shower daily.  New clothes mean a great pair of walking pants.  Did I just make myself sound sloth-like or what?

I still do a lot... I just do things I love.

I look at my sweet natured, happy little boy and I want to do all I can to nurture that.  I want to build up his character and his creativity.  Its fun to be 1 - so much adventure and time to explore.  Time when nothing has to be "achieved" and everything can just be enjoyed.  I am so thankful for our sweet little life.

My big boy one year later...quite the climber.

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  1. I remember you talking about how much you were reading. I had a 2 month old and couldn't believe you could read so much! Good for you. I'm glad you got a "vacation". Enjoy letting charlie be creative!