Monday, March 14, 2011

I need your opinon...

Although I would like to think I have terrific taste, I realize that what I think is awesome may not always be what the rest of the world thinks is awesome.

So, as part of my new soapy venture... I need your opinion, blog friends (yes, all 5 of you who read this!).

Here is the deal -- just leave a comment ranking these soaps from most favorite to least favorite.  I'm thinking I will pick one of you on Friday(at random) to receive soap freebies in the mail. 

If you want to just give me your top 4 or 5, that is super helpful too! Feel free to just write the letter.

Here they are:
A. Toast with Butter and Jelly -- Soapy Clean smell (think clean laundry)
B. Soapy S'mores -- smells like dark chocolate
and vanilla cookie
C. Polka dots - smells Soapy Clean
D. Spring Flower - Honeysuckle scent
E. Cheese and Cracker Soap - Smells like Oatmeal, milk, and honey

F. Citrus Sherbet Swirl Soap -- Smells like creamy orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime

G. Peanut Butter Chocolate Cup - Smells like dark chocolate

H. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bite --
Smells like a warm cookie

I. Pizza Soap - Smells Soapy Clean

J. Grapefruit Slice - smells like grapefruit! 
Also comes in lemon/ lime slices

K. Chocolate chip cookie bar (with sugar scrub brownie layer on the bottom)-- smells like chocolate and vanilla cookie


  1. love s'mores and grapefruit! so cute!!! i would probably use polka dots.

  2. Polka dot, flower, grapefruit, peanut butter cups, s'mores, chocolate chip cookie bar....polka dot is definitely my favorite though. I bet the kids would rank them differently :) I bet pizza would be first if they had a vote :)

  3. My faves in order: citris swirl, grapefruit, polka dot, flower, smore. They are all really cute!

  4. Grapefruit if my number one fave. After that the toast w butter and cheese/crackers are so cute. I love those three bc I've never seen any like 'em. Flowers are a snooze. Reeses cup is darling. I like the idea of the smores but I think if I couldn't read the description I wouldn't have know what it was. Also, I think it would be precious if you could put a little gray mouse in the corner of the cheese and crackers one. Or maybe a swiss cheese slice with a mouse? Congrats on your venture!

  5. Hey Amie,
    I still love the peanut butter cup because it looks so real! Here are my other rankings: K, B, C, D, F, H, J, A. The grapefruit slice smells clean, and I love the blue polka dots just because I like blue. I like the pizza, but not too sure about the blue bottom. Maybe if it looked more like a plate on the bottom or a pizza box...just thinking.. I have few creative juices, so just a rambling! Let me know when you have some prices, I would love to order some!

  6. I like you thinking about the pizza plate Lori...I have never felt satisfied with the blue on the pizza.

    Joy -- Funny you should mention a mouse...originally I wanted to do cheese and a mouse, but I still haven't found a way to make a soap mouse that is simple/ not too labor intense, but now I am reinspired to find a way :)

  7. While all of your soaps shout creativity and FUN, I'm really going for the more realistic looks. My votes: F - G - J - C - A. F is just so simple and pretty; the peanut butter cups are amazing! (Can I possibly get one by April 1 to put on a 15-year-old's lunch plate?!) bwahahaha!

  8. D, G, J! But I love them all, they look awesome!

  9. Ha! Rebecca, I cannot be responsible for you feeding soap to your teenager :)

  10. Polka dots, sherbet, grapefruit slice, peanut butter cup, chocolate chip cookie bar.
    They are all super cute! And very creative!!