Friday, March 4, 2011

Confession of a Hoarder

Maybe I should be too embarassed to tell this to the world.  Maybe its the pain meds talking (I had minor surgery this week).  Oh well, here I go.  I'm a hoarder... of toothpaste. 

Let me back up and explain.  When we decided I would stay home with our little Charlie and our family would live on one income I thought I could help the family's finances by shopping responsibly with coupons.  We ordered the Sunday paper and I started clipping. 

I have a favorite blog (well two of them now) Springs Bargains and Denver Bargains that tell me exactly what store deals I can match with coupons to get the best bargains.  Wow -- this deal-finding stuff is maybe a little addicting... which brings me to my toothpaste issue.

You see, our grocery store often puts Crest or Colgate on sale for $0.99, which you may think sounds like a pretty decent deal.  Wrong! There is an ABUNDANCE of $0.55 toothpaste coupons delivered to my driveway in the Sunday paper, making the $0.99 toothpaste now only $0.44.  Great deal? Nope!  My grocery store doubles coupons, lets you use 3 of the same in one transaction, and even takes expired ones.  What this means for me is the $0.99 toothpaste is now free once my stack of expired coupons has doubled. 

So each time toothpaste is on sale  free, I come home with a few.  The next time I go to the store, I see the cheap free toothpaste and can't resist even though I know our family does not need another tube of toothpaste.  I just think of how much money we spend there each week and how thrilling it feels to buy receive something free.  I don't think I have actually paid money for toothpaste in 9 months.  The problem is that I feel like I have become a toothpaste hoarder. I am not even sure how many we have upstairs right now and I am way too embarassed to actually go count or take a picture.

Embarassing fact #1 about my toothpaste hoarding:  I had to move the spare toothpastes from the bathroom to the linen closet (move aside towels) because there just wasn't enough space.

Embarassing fact #2: My husband finally asked me if toothpaste has an expiration date.  I have no idea! I have never even had to think about that before. 

If you are still reading my hoarding confession, I'm amazed.  If there is ever a natural disaster in Colorado and you can't get to the store to get toothpaste... come on over to our house and bring your toothbrush. 


  1. You are too funny!! I miss you!! Xoxo cheree

  2. Amie - I love those websites too, and also have way too much toothpaste. I was going to go to walgreens this week just to get more (FREE!) toothpaste, but Andrew kindly pointed out we already have 232834892387 tubes of it. Secretly, I love couponing and seeing how much we can save. :)

  3. So funny! I used to coupon like crazy, and am starting again. We get the Sunday paper but never actually read it! I still have 547 bottles of smelly body wash from my couponing days. It was all free! When you use 3 of the same coupon it's on 3 items, right? What store do you coupon at most? Hope you're feeling ok!

  4. Joceyln - Yes, three coupons for three seperate items. I go to King Soopers, mostly out of convenience and because they take the expired ones.

    Cheree -- I miss you too!

  5. I spelled your name wrong Jocelyn!

  6. Wow! I need to get on these websites and start getting toothpaste free! When is it ever even $.99?!? I was excited b/c our crest was $2.19 last week! DAng! I feel dumb! I only shop at King Soopers and haven't seen $.99. I bought 2 extra tubes last week at $2.19. Dang. I feel cheated. Can you do more blogs on saving money?

  7. Hi Amie! Found your blog via facebook - you are doing some awesome crafts - I love it!

    I am also guilty of the "it's a good deal so let's stock up (nevermind that I've got enough for an army)!" mentality...but usually with canned food instead of toothpaste. Have you considered donating your excess to a local women's shelter? Or homeless shelter?

  8. Thanks for reading my blog Shannon! That is a great idea to some toothpaste :)