Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Big Soapy Mess

I was humbled got my butt kicked by my soap today... and yesterday. 

I had this idea of a beautiful soap that looked like the ocean, so I made a 40 oz. loaf of soap just as I imagined it.  It smelled like VACATION! It took a couple hours to make.  I was in love with my soap.  That was Thursday (at 12:30am, so I guess it was really Friday).

On Friday I started to cut my soap bars from my loaf and I got a big, dumb mess of layers that didn't stick together but still smelled like a vacation on the beach.


So I tried again last night.  Loaf #2 was finished at 1:30am.  Today, loaf #2 had the same fate as loaf #1 (see above).

I put one piece back together and took a picture to remind myself of what was going to be in my shower...

Tan sand on the bottom, layers of blue water, foam from the waves on top...

Score this week: SOAP 2, AMIE 0

I also planned to open the soap shop by the end of this weekend, no guarantees but that may still happen. must.conquer.ocean.soap.first.


  1. Did you get your soap shop open?! You didn't mention it. I can't believe you are up so late. When do you sleep? I stay up "late" to do Hannah's scrapbook but go to bed by 11pm at the latest. You are dedicated! I want to smell this vacation soap. I have some Suave shampoo and conditioner that makes me always want to be on the beach! Maybe they smell similar.

  2. The shop isn't officially official yet... I ran into some friends and got distracted for a few hours yesterday :)

    I did redo the ocean soap and I love it more than the first two! Its more swirly, the layers aren't straight... but I think it looks even more like an ocean vacation.