Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Great Send Off

Today I was doing a little painting and thinking about all the pieces of art that I shipped in the month of January. January was a great month!  I was able to work with some really kind Etsy folks and even made something for one of my oldest friends.  

I started thinking about all the canvases that came through my art/ guest/ work out room (yes, it is about 8' x 10' and used for all three purposes). Sometimes I get attached to my little art pieces.  Nerdy, I know! I see them grow and change for weeks, look at them hanging on the wall, take pictures, carefully wrap them up, and then say good bye and send them off to their new home. 

Sometimes I wonder about my little ones as they travel across the country...Did that UPS driver take seriously the giant word "FRAGILE" that I wrote with a huge, black sharpie?  Did they put a big heavy box on top of it?  Did I pack it tight enough?  Was half a roll of packing tape enough?  Do they have their lunch, coat, and homework? Oh wait, these aren't my kids :)

Oh boy...just think of the issues I will have in four years when I drop my actual child off at kindergarten. 

More than anything, I am thrilled to send my art to new homes.  I feel joy when I think about a little kid getting excited about the trucks or monkeys hanging on his wall...or a surprise gift that someone has purchased for family.

Right now I have 12 unfinished pieces upstairs in the guest/ work out/ art room, so I'm thinking I should probably stop blogging and go take care of my little art pieces so they can go meet their new families.

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  1. WOW! You are a busy painter! 12 pieces your working on? Thats amazing! Don't even mention charlie going to kindergarten. I get sad thinking of the day when they will. Our kids will be in the same grade right? Unless the cut off is like sept 21st or something. I hope they are in the same grade. Sad day....