Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Soap of the Day

Today's Soap of the Day...

Pizza Soap!

This one was a little on the labor intense side so I don't think I will be making them often, but I am definitely happy with the outcome.

Canadian Bacon and Pineapple :)

This idea came from the lid of a large yogurt container.  The ridge around the edge of the lid looked like it might make a good pizza crust, so I poured some layers of colored soap into the yogurt lid and then added some cut out toppings. 

Here is half of a yogurt lid pepperoni pizza:

Then it was time to slice up the pizza and make some soap bars with embedded pizza slices...

And that's how you get pizza soap!  It doesn't smell like pizza though... who would want to wash their hands and have them smell like pizza?  Or throw this in a kid's bath and have the kid come out smelling like dinner? It has a nice neutral smell called "soapy clean," kind of like fresh laundry.

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